May the 4th Be With You…

Star wars…I was 6 years old in the back seat of my Dad’s ’70 bright orange Charger sitting at the drive in with a brown bag of home popped popcorn and Faygo “rocking red” soda when my imagination changed forever. With the words “in a galaxy far far away…” life as a kid changed, everything was possible with the force…
40 years later I am still counting down the days until the next new star wars movie comes out. I have collected every star wars figure from 1976-2006, I mean every single one. Something about star wars has stuck with me and I never grow old of watching them.
I have done several Star War themed tattoos over the years and they remain my favorite subject matter. I am doing a Sand trooper portrait this coming Friday and running a FB campaign to draw more Star War tattoo appointments to the shop.
My childhood and life were somehow made better by these movies and every time I watch them I am 6 years old in the back seat of that charger at a drive in movie!!
May the force be with you always!

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